An Explorers mini Guide to Shimla

Wow!!!!!  Wow….. Yes wow this is the only word will roam in your mind when you visit the enchanting beauty of Shimla. Shimla is one of the most visited places by the admirer of the nature. Located in Himachal Pradesh shimla is renowned for its natural scenery and exotic beauty which mesmerizes its viewers.

In shimla you will not only travel the distance but also travelling the one of the most desirable place in India. It will lend you into directly some dreamy movie sequence which you have just admired into movies but also wished to visit one. Now you have the chance to do some travelling and make your dreamy dream come true. You will love each and every moment in shimla I bet you will!!!

Not only shimla has its exotic scenery but it also have various places which you can add in to your must visit list. Let’s explore some the most famous places you can visit in shimla.


It is a toy train which is also come under one of the world heritage. It covers the distance between kalka to shimla. You can board the train from kalka and rest make rest of the journey memorable. You will adore the entire site which you can watch while travelling. This toy train journey will make your journey more memorable.


Jakhu hill is one of among the seven hills on which shimla are located. It has the famous hanuman temple located at the highest point in jakhu hill.


Yesss shimla offers you one of the natural ice skating ring where you can enjoy ice skating and all the other activities.  Ice skating in shimla can add a memorable page in your shimla diary and also not forget that it is the natural ice skating ring in Asia.


The mall road is one of another tourist attraction point in shimla. No wonder shimla can offer you lot more variety than your hostel canteen…hahahaha. The mall road which is popular for its exotic scenery is local hangout place where people meet and walk with their loved ones while breathing the nature’s charisma in their mind.


It is the point in shimla where mall road joins the ridge road. But wait!!! Why scandal? Yes there is some story behind this scandal name want to know?? Go visit that’s the best way to know this point.


Shimla is a combination of both peace and beauty I guess that is the reason why it attracts not only the Indian tourist but foreigners also. It is also famous as a honeymoon destination among the newlyweds while exploring the roads of shimla they also explore their life… By understanding the nature of shimla they also understand each other.

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