Dharamshala-The Little Tibet of Himachal

Himachal is a true beauty like their  peoples. If we try to make a list of  which hill station we should visit nine places out of ten will be from Himachal.  Yes, hill stations are the backbone of the Himachal Pradesh.  It not only offers you some scenic and one in a kind landscape it also gives you chance to meet with the peoples and get to know about their culture and let’s not forget all the fun activities and adventure we do there. Himachal is the state who has embraced many influences like a boss, not only it accepts other countries influence but also shows case it like a true beholder. Yes,  we are here talking about the hill station who has the influence of other country and proudly showcase their culture it is none other than Dharamshala.


To current Dalai Lama and also provide them with some spiritual guidance.  If Tsuglagkhang complex serves as a residence. His holiness meets people there you have luck and chance you can make an appointment there and have the blessings of Dalai Lama but it is not an easy task so don’t lose your heart there because Dharamshala has a lot more to offer. So keep your hopes high and mark your path for some adventures journey


This lake is isolated one but must visit place in Dharamshala. You know what is the best part of isolation? It helps you to preserve your true state. This place is not that crowded like rest of the Dharamshala which provide you some moment of calmness and relaxation which you seek in hill stations. It also serves as a trekking place… Enjoy the breathtaking view of Himalayan Mountain and admire the cool weather that this place  offers.


The places that you can visit in Mclodganj are triund which is a trekking place where you can enjoy the calm atmosphere and charge yourself with some positive energy. Another place that you can visit in Mclodganj is bhagsu waterfalls famous for its mesmerizing beauty and lush greenery. You can see the Tibetan influence in this area easily due to the Tibetan refugees who took shelters in the Himalayan region in past. Mclodganj is also famous as little “Lhasa”. Lhasa is a holy land for the follower of Buddhism.


The monastery is the place where the   follower of that religion or monks lives. Visit the monastery is must do a task in Dharamshala. In places like this, you get the preaching of life, you get to know something new about others culture as well as some influential points which you want to involve in your life. Nechung monastery, Gadong monastery and Dip-Tse-Chokling monastery are must visit in Dharamshala.

Dharamshala offers you lot more than what you read in any articles. Visit Dharamshala i t is the best way to explore this place. Reading provides you with an imagination but travellin g turns that imagination into reality. So open your mind, open your heart, Dharamshala is calling you.

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