PALAMPUR-City of Tea Gardens

Palampur is a hill town clutched between the dhauladhar mountain range presents the admiring view of snow laded Dhauladhar Mountains. Palampur is a developed town in Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh. Palampur has a rich past which sets it aside from the other states. Palampur is also famous for its tea garden. Tea produced in Palampur is quite famous outside. Palampur not only offers you some interesting view of nature to race your heart beats but it also has some colonial architecture which it has inherited from its past. The upper  part of Palampur in winter is lucky with some snow whereas lower part of Palampur has quite cool weather throughout the year. With its rich history, heritage, tea state, scenic view Palampur should be on your list of must visit place.

Tea state

Let’s talk about that thing which makes Palampur favourite of  Britishers in past. Tea is a thing which is quite famous in all around the world. You can find tea lovers everywhere who like dhaba style tea to drink. Bundla tea state is a famous tea state in Palampur where you can visit and admire the beauty of tea garden.


Andretta is a home of famous artist late Shobha Singh. Art gallery of Shobha Singh is must visit place in Palampur.     By visit this place you got to know about the art style and masterpieces of this great artist

Tashi Jong

Tashi Jong  is the Buddhist monastery in Palampur. Monastery always has that calming effect whenever we that.  This place also offers you same calming and relaxing aura. it also offers you mediation hall where you can sit and meditate and focus on your goal.

Bir and billing

Bir and billing are 35 km away from  Palampur. This place is famous for its Buddhist monastery. You can also buy some Tibetan handicrafts from this place. bir billing is also a famous paragliding site. so you can hope to try your hands in some paragliding.


Shiva temple is the must visit place in baijnath. This place is the most remarkable place in Kangra valley. As we know Himachal is the land of god and goddesses every district has their own story and god .so this place have this famous Shiva temple which has a very beautiful and soothing architecture which you should go and check out.

 Palampur offers you wide range of foods and places to visit along with a scenic view of nature in combo. You can visit this place anytime in whole year .every time you will get something new to see. If you just want to spend a couple of day of your vacation outside your busy city then   Palampur should be your target.  For more information about Himachal Tour Packages services.

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