Kinnaur-The Land of Gods

Who runs the world? Girl… who run the world? Girl…yes! A girl can do everything from this to that and that’s why girls deserve a special place to visit and distress their self. So gather your bunch of  besties and make a tour to the special place where you all want to be. If you don’t have any idea about the place you should visit with your girlfriends than let me do the honour, please. Today I am about to tell you that place which deserves to be your holiday destination with your baes.

Kinnaur can be your that place in which you all want to fall in love. Mountains, greenery, lake, adventure you name it Kinnaur have it but for that, you have to visit this place. Yebo, you have to reach here first for all the fun. So now time to know about the places which you can visit in Kinnaur.

Reckon Peo

Reckon Peo is the small town in Kinnaur which presents the scenic view of Kinner Kailash peak. Kinner Kailash is a residence of Lord Shiva according to the mythology. And guess what more you can do in reckon Peo is shopping everything related to Kinnaur you can buy here for the lifetime memory.


Kalpa is the next place which you can visit in Kinnaur. Here you have the famous Tibetan monastery which you can visit and pray. The Narayan – nagani temple is local temple which you can visit in Kalpa. And Kalpa is no less than any other place in Kinnaur it provides you equally and an amazing appearance of Kinner Kailash and the feeling of a stunning morning in Kalpa you can never forget.


This place offers you orchards of apricot and beautiful meadows. Moorang is quite a fun place to visit with your friends where you can enjoy your days freely. It also has the old fort which is believed to be built by the Pandavas.


It is one of the villages in Sangla valley which provides you with the mesmerizing beauty of snow-capped mountains and beautiful meadow. It is situated on the banks of river bapsa. Crystal clear blue sky and village that you will like make a perfect combination to wrap up your visit to Kinnaur don’t forget the camping and fun activity you can do on the riverside.

Ohh!! So many places to visit?? I know you can manage after all it’s worth it. Kinnaur not only provides you breathtaking view of Himalayan Mountains it also provides places which are rich in history and worth visiting. The new place brings a something new inside you. The calm and relaxing environment of Kinnaur is like a cherry on the cakes. Trekking from valleys to valleys and deep down in forest surely will be your life’s best experience.

So pack your bag, grab your besties, book a cab, hit the radio and shout out to all that we are going to Kinnaur. For more information about Kinnaur Tour Packages and services.

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