Himachal is a place where we always look forward to our vacation. Why we not?? this place does not only have exotic beauty it also has the glorious history and stunning places to visit and the climate and environment of Himachal doesn’t need any introduction. Don’t we know?? Yes, we all are well aware what it offers to every person who goes there. Chamba is also the place in Himachal who has historic locations and god damned beauty who will leave you speechless. Chamba is situated on the bank of Ravi River. What Chamba has more to offer let’s have a look.


This temple is situated in the heart of the city and of course rich with the history. This place is devoted to goddess Durga and built by king Sahil Verman in memory of his daughter champavati. This place holds a very religious value in the hearts of Hindu in Chamba district. This holy temple is visited by many tourists to seek the blessing of goddess Durga.


The Church of Scotland in Chamba is also known as St. Andrew’s church. The Church of Scotland is established by the first missionary. This church is built by the grant given by Raja of Chamba at that time. Now this church runs various schools in Chamba.


Bhuri Singh museum was built in the honour of Raja Bhuri Singh of Chamba. This museum holds valuable information about the Chamba district. History of Chamba is preserved here. Raja Bhuri Singh also generously denoted their family paintings and numerous other things which are important to the history of Chamba. Chamba is rich in history we know this but after visiting this place you will realise how great the richness is. This place is must visit in Chamba.


Chamunda Devi temple is very famous place in whole India. It is located in Shah Madar range of hills. This place is also a very holy land for Hindu. The number of people visits this place when they are travelling to Mata Vaishno Devi including jawala Ji, Naina Devi. This place sure a blessing of almighty that is the reason I guess why it is able to attract the number of people.


Manimahesh Lake is situated near to Manimahesh Kailash peak. According to the mythology this lake is created by Lord Shiva. One has to do a long trek to reach manimahesh. After reaching there you will be lost in the divine aura this place offers to its traveller.

Apart from places the festivals also celebrated with great zeal in Chamba. Two fairs suhi Mata Mela and minjar mela are celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. This fair holds an important place in the heart of people of Chamba. Chamba is itself surrounded by high mountains and river which presents an exotic beauty which is indescribable. That is the reason why Chamba comes in most visited destinations of Himachal.For more information about Chamba Tour Packages and services.

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