Himachal is like a novel and the state of Himachal is its character. Every character in a novel has some shades and quality so does Himachal. Every state in Himachal is equally beautiful and charismatic. They have their own quality and charm which differentiate them to each other. Una is also one of the characters of Himachal. Being a developed city of Himachal it not only represents Himachal proudly but also has places which are worth visiting. Let’s find out what Una have in its treasure box.


Kutlehar fort is one of the main attractions of una district. This fort is built by Sansar Chandra, the king of Kangra. This fort is also famous as solah singhi. The stone architecture is very attractive of this fort. One can see the view of pong dam from Kutlehar fort. Situated in a lush green environment this place represents the history of una proudly.


Thaneek Pura is small hill station in una. It is famous for its scenic beauty and calm environment. It has a lot of various famous places which you can visit Radha Krishna temple, Baba Balak Nath temple, and chaat bazaar. You can also do the nature walking and trekking at this place. This place is a small packet of scenery and places which you can see and visit.


Pong dam is situated on Beas River. The raised water level of pong dam unknowingly created an artificial lake which is now a famous bird sanctuary. One can see numerous species of bird here. Bird watching is the activity which you can enjoy here. Pong dam not only serve as bird sanctuary it also serves the purpose of famous tourist attraction. One can walk along the dam and enjoy the sunset or just glare the movement of the water. This place is a paradise for water sports lover. Watersports lover can enjoy various activities and have a lot of fun. This place has everything for everyone.


Kaleshwar temple is again one of the famous places which you can visit in una. This temple is built by the katoch dynasty. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Kaleshwar is believed to be 400 years old. This temple provides spirituality and calmness to our mind which we need in our busy lives. To start a journey this place is a better option. Many people come here on special occasion to get the blessing of Lord Shiva. You should also come here and have the blessing of almighty.

One should visit una for a quick vacation. Una is connected to the big cities of Punjab and Himachal which makes it very accessible and inviting. So what you have to do is, just take a chance and visit this place to feel the freshness and uniqueness of Una.For more information about Una Tour Packages and services.

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