Hamirpur is a town in Himachal Pradesh and when it’s a town in Himachal Pradesh we expect it to be extraordinary and have places which attract the tourist. Well, Hamirpur is a collection of all what we want from Himachal to have. Hamirpur is named after its one of the ruler Raja hamir chand. Hamirpur has pleasant climate throughout the year which attracts the tourist and this place is also very well connected to all the major cities of Himachal which make it very much accessible for tourists from outside. Let’s take a look and you make sure make a note about the places which you can visit in Hamirpur or you can bookmark the page in your browser.


This small town is located near the Beas River. The main attraction of this place is the Naduan fort which was built under katoch rulers of Kangra. This fort is now not in a very great shape but still, it has the capability of mesmerizing its viewer. You can see the wall painting done on the wall of Naduan fort which represents its rich culture and heritage. Other things that you can do than sightseeing is camping, river rafting or you can just relax.


It is one of the popular and major attractions in Hamirpur. It is a temple which is dedicated to the Baba Balak Nath. One the occasion like Navratri and holi this temple sees a large number of people who come here to seek the blessing of Baba Balak Nath on the holy occasions. One can take a view of bhakra nagal dam and Naina Devi temple from this place. Located in lush greenery this place is also a recharger for your mind and as well as for your body.


This place is situated near Kangra border and some km away from Hamirpur again this fort was built under katoch dynasty and this fort is also the holder of some amazing wall painting which is done on the wall of the fort which left an impact charm on its viewer. The Gauri Shankar temple is the main attraction in the fort which is devoted to Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati.


Narbadeshwar temple is the great example of beautiful wall paintings. This place is built by the wife of Raja Sansar chand. This temple is more than hundred years old and has a beautiful architecture. The architecture of temple and wall painting is the high light of this place which you should definitely see.

Hamirpur has a beauty and innocent charm. You will travel and visit its site and admire the beauty of the nature and the creativity of the creator. After visiting Hamirpur you will surely feel relaxed, sorted and more composed which is the motive of travelling. if you don’t have any reason for vacation than create one and go for a fun trip with your family.For more information about Hamirpur Tour Packages and services.

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