Let’s imagine a place where we have bright clear blue sky, crystal clear water in the river, mountains covered with snow. Yes, this kind of place does exist no!!! Not only in your imagination in reality too. A place like this which can beat your imagination does exist in real world. Spiti is that kind of place combination of beauty and power this place is heaven for the traveller and backpacker who are the sucker for adventure and sightseeing. Spiti is packed with all natural goodness which is very healthy for the traveller. To calm your body and mind one should have the soothing dose of Spiti valley. Now let’s just check out what you can see and do in Spiti valley.

Key monastery

The key monastery is the oldest monastery in Spiti and acts like a tourist magnet. Surrounded by mountains and covered by bright blue sky this place sparkle like a diamond in cold desert mountain valley of Spiti. This monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in the world along with Tabo monastery. It has an idol of Buddha in dhyana position which you should visit. This place is a true mesmerizer in Spiti valley.


Yes, I know you all wondering about the name of this lake. Yes, this lake has a shape of the crescent moon so it is named after the moon. This location is just splendid. When you will reach there you will get spell bounded by the appeal of this lake. Surrounded by towering mountains this place gives fascinating view to its traveller. This place is ideal for camping and trekking or you can just sit and see picturesque beauty of Chandratal.

Kunzum pass

Kunzum pass here you can arrive by trekking from Chandratal. This place holds a so much importance in Spiti valley. It connects Spiti valley with Kullu and Lahaul valley. Adorned with vibrant Buddhist flags under a blue sky this place presents a lively picture of Spiti valley which you should not miss on any cost.

Pin valley national park

This place is a home for various rare and endangered floras and the fauna. This place is famous among nature lovers. Himalaya as a bodyguard of this place presents a majestic view of this place. Here you can do bird watching, photography and some mauj masti.

Suraj Tal

Spiti has a lot more to offer in which Suraj Tal is also that place who has inviting appeal to tourist. Perfect place for photography any camera lover here ?? are you reading this ??  this place is near to baralacha pass and famous among locals and tourist.

In Spiti, you can easily see the influence of Tibetan culture which makes this barren land more cheerful and lively. Places like this make person more positive towards their life. Combination of monastery, lake, passes and mountains this place is like a surprise package. Perfect for those people who don’t want to run in a crowded area in the name of the hill station. less is more Spiti valley proves this right. For more information about Spiti Tour Packages and services.

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