Want to visit a place to freshen up your mind? Want Pocket-friendly destination to visit?? Want to have a trip which is worth visiting? As a traveller you have this type of question, after all, it’s a budget ka sawal but at the same time you want to travel locations which have some meaning to it.

So we have this destination for you guys which not only worth your time it also worth your each and every penny as well. Sirmaur is located in Himachal Pradesh which makes it one of the most visited tourist location. It has a collection of the location which you should visit and admire the place and its beauty. Sirmaur is well connected to the big cities of Himachal and other cities as well which makes it very visit friendly.


Churdhar is the highest peak in lower Himalayan. This is one of the holy spots in Himachal and considered to be the holy place of Lord Shiva. It is also one of the trekking hotspots for tourists who come here to travel. Covered by lush greenery and rich in flora and fauna this place surely has something which attracts the tourist.

Renuka Ji

Renuka Ji is another holy place in Sirmaur. This place is famous for the ancient Renuka Lake which is visited by lots of people. It is one of the largest natural lakes and in the shape of the lady. Yes, this fact is quite fascinating. Here from paying tribute to this holy place you can boat or can do the safari in its wildlife sanctuary. After visiting this place you will have no dearth of activities.

 Gurudwara Paonta Sahib

Gurudwara Paonta Sahib is situated in this beautiful district which only increases the pride of Sirmaur. This place is built in memory of the tenth guru of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Paonta Sahib holds a special place in the heart of Sikh followers. This Gurudwara has palki made of pure gold donated by the followers as their tribute. This place is the main attraction of Sirmaur if no one knows Sirmaur just tell them Poanta Sahib and then they exactly get which place you are talking about that is the popularity of this holy Gurudwara.

Suketi Fossil Park

Suketi Fossil Park or Shivalik fossil park name doesn’t matter!! Does it matter? It is upon you how you remember this place but this is equally famous by both the names. This park is Asia’s biggest fossil park. This park is created on the place where the fossil has been found. Here you can see animals made of fibreglass presented as models.This place attracts a large number tourist every year and considered as one of the most visiting places in Sirmaur.

After reading about these places I am sure you all do want to visit this place which is not a very hard task. What you have to do is pack, load and departure that’s it. Have a safe trip to Sirmaur. For more information about Sirmaur Tour Packages and services.

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